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Jun 20, 2003

Reminders of just how politicized noise can be:

There were some stories going around the web a few days ago about “smart bricks„ that can measure the structural parameters of buildings. Wired has an article that discusses why this may not be such a good idea. However, the article does describe the potential of a network of measurement devices that can be used to monitor an area. It’s a vision that I believe in, and I’m doing my part to help make this happen in the noise world.

Stopping The Noise: Active Control System Could Halt Squealing Brakes In Cars, Trucks And Buses : “[A]coustics researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a solution that could stop the problem of noisy brakes once and for all.” - I’ll believe it when I see it (is dithering sufficient to mask a pure tone?), but this could be an interesting development.

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Jun 08, 2003

There’s nothing quite like the feeling one gets when you add another dot onto the map

I know there is a problem with some of my permalinks. I’m working on it. Fixed.

I-95 work floors homeowner: “She is absolutely certain because the damage appeared after a day of pile-driving on the $68 million highway-widening project, just a couple hundred feet away from her Holly Drive home. ” Of course I have no direct knowledge of the facts in this case, but I would be curious to know if the pile driving is really to blame.

Who’d a thunk it? I actually becoming a fan of finite element methods for acoustical analyses. It can give you all kinds of useful results. (not that I didn’t already know this - whenever we had to perform a FE analysis in school, they always made us do by hand, and let’s just say that left me with a not-so-favorable impression with that particular type of analysis. Turns out that when you get to actually use a computer to assist you, it’s much easier.)

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Jun 05, 2003

The FICAN website has created a Discussion Board. I assume it is intended for reasonable technical discussions, so it’s probably not the right location to rant about your local airport.

I get to have fun modeling the acoustical radiation from vibrating plates. Turns out that modeling a plate as 1.6 million simple velocity sources will grind a 400 Mhz G3 to a near halt. Time to fire up the G4.

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Jun 01, 2003

News item from CBS via the Quiet List: Progress Vs. Hearing Loss: “For the first time, scientists have made mature mammals regenerate a type of inner-ear cell important for hearing, a key step toward a treatment that might someday help millions of people with hearing loss. ”

Off to western Mass for some noise measurements.

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