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Apr 10, 2003

Farewell Concorde, we hardly knew you (but we definitely heard you!). I bet Bill must be happy.

Police are using acoustic detection systems in several locations to track the source of gunshots.

Grade separation for railroad/highway crossings is a good things. FYI, while the Feds to require trains to blow horns at grade crossings, the familiar “long, long, short, long” pattern is not required by Federal regulation. Some state and local jurisdictions may call for that pattern, but generally it is an accepted convention rather than a requirement.

Skywalker Sound gets a major infrastructure upgrade for their recording system, including 12 TB of storage. Yummy.

Oh, and there is a minor subway project in New York City that is starting to show signs of progress.

According to Wired, the MIT Media Lab is in trouble. Sorry, I don’t buy it. I can believe there are having financial troubles, primarily because their sponsors are having financial problems, but the students are professors at the Media Lab are among the most driven staff on campus. They will adapt.

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