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Apr 07, 2003

So, you’re a contractor working in a residential neighborhood, building a new house, or maybe you’re renovating a barn. Your work crew starts promptly at 7:00am every weekday morning. Because line power may not be available, your crew needs to bring gasoline-powered tools to run their equipment.

Before you drag your trusty ole’ generator from the equipment shed, may I suggest trying out one of the Honda “handheld” generators? They are light, powerful enough to drive a trailer full of audio equipment, and most importantly, very, very quiet. The EU2000 is rated at “59dB of sound at 7 meters with a full load,” which is a bit ambiguous, but having seen the unit in operation, I can verify that it is much quieter than the typical portable gas-powered generator one is likely to see on a small construction site.

Please try one. Those of us who like to sleep until 8:00am will greatly appreciate it.

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