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Mar 22, 2003

It was recently brought to my attention that some of the past discussions on this site might be inappropriate in light of some of my past and current relationships. Accepting this advice in the spirit in which it was given, I have edited or removed several items throughout this site. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.

One of of my current assignments will be over in the next two days (helping out my former employer close finish out one project). I will miss it, but then again I will finally be able to focus my complete attention on Cross·Spectrum. There will be a revamp to this site in the next week or so that will reflect this.

So, what is Cross·Spectrum? First I will tell what it is not: we are not a “full-service” acoustical consulting firm. If you are looking for general acoustical services in terms of developing models, assessing noise impact, or detailed acoustical design, you would be better off going with one of the big boys.

We specialize in acoustical measurements: We offer acoustical measurement services to address situations where a full-service firm may be overkill - high-end home theater, industrial/machine diagnostics, sound reinforcement and more. And of course we can do measurements in support of noise control efforts. We have a broad range of measurement experience (free-field sound, vibration acceleration & velocity, displacement, pressure, quasi-anechoic sound methods, and more) and we can handle most measurement needs at minimum cost. We can meet your needs using COTS and our own internally developed solutions. More on that in the next few weeks.

We can also address two other important needs: we can supplement your existing staff if you are an acoustical firm that finds you are temporarily understaffed, or an engineering or achitectural firm that may not have the necessary acoustical measurement experience. We can also help you to help yourself but providing measurement training, and recommending approapriate tools and techniques for your internal use.

That’s the plan… well part of it at least. You’ll just have to wait to hear the real interesting stuff.

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