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Mar 08, 2003

Airport owner striking back: “They’ve moved into the domain of the airport, and all they want to do is sit and complain,” said VanSickle, who is taking action to alert would-be residents about the airport in advance of the next housing development. “Isn’t it time to do some planning?”

I’ve joined the 21st century and started using a blogging package, namely Blosxom. It’s simple, it’s portable and it just works!

Now that I’m actually starting up my own enterprise, I need to start thinking about this weblog. Cross·Spectrum Engineering represents a team, while this blog just represents Herb Singleton. I will eventually point the blog over to when things settle down, but for now, the two worlds will have to live in harmony.

Okay, I gotta ask: who from Vermont has been hiting my site over the past few days? Not that I mind, I’m just curious as to why this one host keeps showing up in my logs.

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