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Mar 04, 2003

Well, as of today, Cross·Spectrum is providing noise and vibration measurement services for commercial, municipal, or private needs. If you need baseline environmental measurements, if you need to monitor the noise and vibration generated by construction needs, if you help determine the room response for you home theater, or if you’re just curious about noise or vibration levels generated by an activity, give me a call. I can help.

Maciej Ceglowski has written a response to a Washington Post article that implies that the “old technology„ aboard the U.S. space shuttles is not safe. Maciej’s article points out some of the pitfalls that engineers have in developing systems that must be absolutely reliable, and yet still deliver the impossible. In some ways, this goes back my comments about the Greenbush line. Engineering is about reaching your goals despite limited resources through various tradeoffs. NASA engineers are well aware of these principals. Alas, the same can’t be saif for most non-engineers.

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