Car Wash Sound Measurement
Sample Projects:

Cross·Spectrum Labs has performed a variety of sound and vibration measurement and analysis tasks. Our projects have ranged from major acoustical assessments to simple on-site consultations. Below is a sample of our work:

  • Airport Noise Monitor Assessment: Cross·Spectrum Labs provided field measurement services at one of the world's busiest airports to help assess the performance of a newly installed airport noise monitor. We measured noise from aircraft takeoff and landings, and correlated various noise metrics with aircraft type and directions.
  • Microphone Quality Control support: Cross·Spectrum Labs worked closely with Soundwave Research Labs, a manufacturer located in Ashland MA, during the development of Crowley & Tripp Microphones. We provided independent testing services to assess the performance of the Studio Vocalist, Soundstage Image, and Proscenium microphones. In addition to measuring the performance of the Crowley & Tripp microphones, we also measured competing microphones to provide a suitable baseline. We developed specific recommendations for a customized acoustic test fixture for use in internal quality assurance processes.
  • Car Wash Noise Assessments: Cross·Spectrum Labs worked with F. L. Roberts & Co Inc. in support of proposed car wash facilities in Springfield MA, and Farmington CT. We measured noise levels at existing car wash facilities and used the data to model car wash noise at proposed locations. We compared the modeled car wash levels with relevant noise ordinances, and recommended noise mitigation measures where necessary. We also presented the analysis results before the Farmington Planning Board and the Springfield City Council.
  • Lake Armington Noise Study: Cross·Spectrum Labs was hired to quantify the noise environment around a lake in northwestern New Hampshire. Residents were concerned that increasing commercial activity in the area, including a nearby summer camp, were adversely affecting the quiet enjoyment of their properties. Our long-term and short-term noise measurements documented noise levels from various activities ranging from motorboats to public address systems. At the client's request, we presented our findings to the local planning board in support of a motion to limit certain noisy activities.
  • Health Club Noise Study: In response to noise complaints from a neighboring business, Cross·Spectrum was hired by a Curves for Women franchise in the Boston area to help assess the problem. We performed sound measurements in adjacent offices and exercise spaces to determine sound transmission through shared partitions. We compared the data with relevant Noise Criteria and Speech Intelligibility standards to determine impact. We recommended cost-effective mitigation measures to reduce sound transmission from the health club.

We've worked on a wide range of projects, from measuring HVAC exhaust noise and chicken crowing to resolve neighborhood disputes, to configuring and calibrating home theater systems. We've also performed industrial noise measurements to determine compliance with OSHA hearing conservation regulations.

In addition to these projects, Cross·Spectrum Labs is working with a variety of firms to develop sound and vibration measurement systems to meet specialized needs. We are working on products that use signal-processing methods to overcome high-noise environments, as well as wireless systems for remote noise monitoring. If you need help with specialized acoustical measurements, please feel free to contact us.

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