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Herbert Singleton Jr., PE

As founder of Cross·Spectrum Laboratories, Mr. Singleton has more than 10 years of experience in acoustical measurements and modeling. His professional experience includes sound and vibration analysis for surface transportation, as well as measurements and analysis of construction noise, industrial noise and room acoustics. Mr. Singleton has directed or participated in field survey measurements, and environmental assessments for private firms and public agencies all over the United States. He has also instructed clients from public and private firms in the use of sound and vibration measurement tools for used in environmental assessments. Furthermore, Mr. Singleton is experienced in presenting measurement results to the lay public via public meetings and workshops.

Mr. Singleton is familiar with a broad range of sound and vibration measurement tools and methods. He has used a variety of signal processing and data analysis tools, and he has extensive experience with FFT and frequency analysis techniques. He has applied this knowledge to developing customized solutions to minimize the cost of sound and vibration analyses. Mr. Singleton has directed the laboratory engineering efforts for a nationally recognized acoustical consulting firm and has engineered custom measurement systems for use in specialized sound and vibration measurements.


SB, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MSc Audio Acoustics, University of Salford (coursework ongoing)

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