Galaxy CM-140 meter photo
Galaxy CM-140 Sound Level Meter

We are now selling Galaxy Audio CM-140 sound level meters. These meters are popular with audio enthusiasts and professional users alike for accurately documenting sound level meters.

The CM-140 conforms to IEC Class 2/ANSI Type 2 standards for General Purpose sound level meters. We also provide value added services to ensure the accuracy of the meter:

  • Verified Models: We check each unit using a Type I calibrator and set the calibration adjustment as necessary to ensure that the unit is as accurate as possible when you receive it. The Verified models include a data sheet that indicates the calibration performance and meteorological conditions under which the calibration was performed.

  • Verified+ Models: In addition to the calibration check performed with the Verified models, we also measure the on-axis and random incidence performance of each meter in its A-Weighting and C-Weighting modes. A report is included with each unit which compares the freefield performance of the meter with ANSI tolerances. We also include the frequency response data on a USB thumbdrive (FRD format); the data can be used as a correction curve to obtain a flat sound level when used with appropriate PC software.

All meters will be shipped with the following:

  • Galaxy CM-140 Sound Level meter
  • Windscreen, manual and 9V battery
  • Calibration report
  • (Verified+ units only): USB thumbdrive with frequency response data (.FRD format)

As with our calibrated microphones, each Verified+ meter is compared against an ANSI-certified reference microphone.

Prices start at $135 plus shipping for "Verified" meters. Domestic shipping is $11 for USPS Priority shipping. We ship to US addresses and to many worldwide locations.

Choose your calibrated meter:

Shipping update: Nov 8, 2023: CM-140 meters are shipping in approximately 1-2 week lead times.

International customers: we require a phone number to ship to overseas P.O. Box, please leave your phone number in the appropriate field on the PayPal order page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can this meter be used for law enforcement purposes?
    The CM-140 is an IEC Class 2/ANSI Type 2 "General Purpose" meter which is typically sufficient for determine compliance with municipal ordinances. However noise measurement best practices usually require the meter to be field calibrated before and after a measurement is performed. If this meter is intended to be used to gather data that may face legal scrutiny, we recommend that you purchase an acoustical calibrator to ensure the results can withstand a legal challenge.

  • Do you ship internationally?
    Generally the answer is "yes" and international shipping typically costs $30 to $40 for sending one unit via International Priority Mail (6-10 days). You can see shipping cost estimates for select countries here. If your country is not on this list, please contact us for a shipping estimate.

    We are frequently asked to declare a low value on the package to reduce customs duty. We are legally bound to declare the true value of the package - however, the replacement value for the meter is $110 (or lower at certain times) to the declared value won't be the full value you pay for the calibration. We are not able do accommodate requests for specialized invoices for the purpose of reducing customer import fees - if you are unable to pay applicable customs or import fees for the purchase price of these products, you should not place an order.

    Please note that we can not ship products to certain prohibited destinations.

  • Do your Galaxy Audio CM-140 calibrations meet professional standards?
    The equipment we use to evalulate the meters meet ANSI Type 1 and IEC Class 1 standards for professional measurement equipment. Our equipment is evaluated by a third-party NIST/NVLAP accredited laboratory on a regular basis. Our measurement methodology is consistent with the IEC and ANSI standards. Our measurement lab is not accredited by NVLAP, ANSI or ISO.

  • What about the warranty?
    We will honor the Galaxy Audio warranty. Contact us to arrange a return if you have a problem with your meter.

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