This directory is no longer being maintained, it is here for archival and historical reasons only.


01dB - PC-based noise & vibration meas, sound field prediction sofware

AcSoft - Acoustic & Vibration Analysis Systems, UK

AcSoft - sound & vibration measurement systems

ACO Pacific Measurement Mic Systems

Acoustics Engineering - develop systems for the prediction and measurement of acoustical parameters

Acoustics First - products for all types of sound and noise control

Acoustisoft (ETF Software) - PC-based MLS measurement equipment

Advanced R &D in Acoustics - products for testing of hearing, testing of CD players, Digital Speech Aid for Stutterers, etc

Audio Precision - PC controlled audio measurement systems

Bruel & Kjaer - sound measurement products

CEL Instruments -noise/sound measurement eqiupment

DPA Microphones - Series 4000 Microphones -mfctr. of the microphones formerly known as B&K Series 4000 Microphones,"Microphone University"

Earthworks Audio Products

GEERS acoustics - German

HpW Works FFT Spectrum Analyzer - MS Windows

Josephson Engineering Microphones

Landmark Sound Labs - Electro-acoustic design and test services, product development, audio consulting

Larson Davis Laboratories

LVDT Displacement Transducers - LVDT's for many different applications

Machina Dynamica - "manufactures the world's best (arguably) vibration isolation platform"

The Modal Shop Inc. - precision sound & vibration measurement equipment sales/rental

NWAA Labs - "Complete High-speed Speaker and Material Testing" Santa Clarita, CA

Norsonic - manufacturer of precision sound measurement equipment

Odin Metrology, Inc - for NIST-tracelable calibration of acoustical instruments, California

OROS - PC-based singal analyzers

PCB Piezotronics - accelerometers

Polytec PI - vibration analysis products

Prefer Ummels BV German

Pro Audio & Bioacoustics Glossary


Ptolemy Services - Noise Monitoring Software - home of Sample Champion, software tool designed for high precision acoustic measurements

Quest Technolgies - manufacturer of precision sound level meters

R.C. Electronics Inc. - multi-channel singal analysis

Rion Co - sound & vibration instrumentation

Scantek - sound and vibration instrumentation sales & calibration since 1985

SenSound - acoustic holography systems


Sony Precision Technology - Sony professional data recorders

Sound Acquisition/Analysis System Database

Sound Technology Inc - acoustic and vibration instrumentation products

Sound Technology, Inc.

Standford Research Systems - signal/frequency analyzers

Systems Development Group

TEF-20 product info

Technology for Measurement, Inc. - manfacturer's rep for acoustic/vibration measurement equipment

Tektronix Audio Measurement

TerraSonde - manufacturer of the AudioToolbox

Test & Measurement World

ViAcoustics - products and services to address product noise and acoustic measurement applications

West Caldwell Calibration Labs - for NIST-tracelable calibration of acoustical instruments, New York

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