This directory is no longer being maintained, it is here for archival and historical reasons only.


01dB - PC-based noise & vibration meas, sound field prediction sofware

Acoustic Simulation Software

Acoustic.Function.Box- acoustic functions for MS Excel

AkAbak Acoustic Simulation Software


Arcanmethods- DSP software tools for recordists, Mac/Windows

Audacity - free open source sound editor, for Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OS X

Audio Speaker Design Calculators - online speaker design scripts

Audio-International - 1 step audio publisher, allows user to send voice e-mails

Audio-software and Audio Related Files

AudioDrome Zameter

Audua Home Page

Bias - "Developer of cutting-edge audio software for the Macintosh"

Bioacoustics: Sound Analysis and Editing

Bodzio Software - acoustical measurements

CADware - PADS-Logic by PADS Software

CATT-Acoustic - Room Acoustic Prediction/Auralization

CATT-Acoustic - a room acoustics prediction software tool

Conversion of sound units - sound pressure/sound intensity converters

DRA Laboratories - home of DRA's industry-standard MLSSA measurement package

DazyWeb Laboratories - Freeware for the Audio hobbyist, with source code

Deckusers DECK II Homepage (Digital Audio Workstations)

Digital Harmony- a proprietary FireWire/1394 technology

Energy Time Frequency - PC Based Audio Analyzer

EnviroMeasure - Java and Javascript programs demonstrating vibration transmissibility, A-weighting, others

FFT Analyzer - simple FFT analyzer for PowerMacs

FHWA Traffic Noise Model

Harris Tech - software tools for speaker designers

Home of Bestplace for Windows

HpW Works FFT Spectrum Analyzer MS Windows

Intelligent Devices, Inc. - Mac-based professional audio software

Intelligent Speech Analyser

Intusoft - SPICE

Ishtek - (includes Java based speaker design applet)

Javoice - Java applet for online spectrographic sound synthesis and analysis

KB Acoustics

ISD-Speaker design applet - Closed/Vented/4th and 6th order bandpasses, online driver database, ~1600 drivers, speaker design applets

LinearX Systems CAD/CAE Speaker Design and Acoustic Measurement

Loudspeaker Lab - speaker design tool

MPEG Audio

Metric Halo Laboratories - Mac-based professional audio software

MicroSim(r) Corporation PSpice

Microacoustics Audio Software Products - collection of data, gathered for the music dsp community

Nwfiir audio tools - digital equalization software, open source, released under the GNU Public License

ODEON Room Acoustics Programs

Octave - a freeware "Matlab" clone


PC ABX - PC-based methodology for testing audio equipment and obtaining information about issues relating to audibility

PC-Based Digital Recording

Paradigm Simulation Incorporated - AudioWorks2

Parsons Audio and Multimedia

Pioneer Hill Software

Prosoniq - home of SonicWorx audio editing software, free demo available for Macintosh and Windows - home of Sample Champion, software tool designed for high precision acoustic measurements. Trial version freely downloadable

RailWay Noise Model (RWNM) - computer model based on FTA guidance manual

RightMark Audio Analyzer - computer audio benchmarking software, Windows

RightMark Audio Analyzer - "The Independent Audio Measurements Open-Source Project"

Riverside Music and Technology

SCADA's Home Page

SIA Software Company, Inc.

Sonic Implants - Downloadable sounds, for webmasters, musicians, composers, gamers, MIDI file enthusiasts

Sound Sculptor - commercial quality sound editor for the Macintosh

Sound Studio - sound editing software for Mac OS X

SoundPLAN homepage - environmental noise-control software

Speaker Building Design Program - PC, freeware

Speaker Workshop - site devoted to creating loudspeakers, free measurement & design software

Structural Dynamics research Corporation (SDRC) - noise, vibration, and harshness field of automotive (NVH)

Systems Development Group Acoustic Calculator - Perl acoustic absorption calculator

TripleDAT Unofficial Page

True Audio - RTA, audio analysis software, recommended

Tuneprint - "audio fingerprinting algorithm"

Visual Ears

Wave Safe - Monitor And Protect Your Sound Files - PC audio shareware application

WaveMetrics - makers of IGOR Pro and other technical software for scientists & engineers

Woofer Alignment Program - DOS speaker modeling program

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