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AV Guide

Acoustic Filters Lab - Acoustic High-Pass, Low-Pass, and Band-Stop Filters

Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listening Rooms

Acoustics 101 - Practical Guidelines For Building A Sound Studio, Listening Room & more

Acoustics 101 - "Practical guidelines for constructing accurate acoustical spaces"

Acoustics Glossary - Glossary of acoustical terms and definitions related to the science of acoustics.

Acoustics and Vibration Animations - "animations which visualize certain concepts concerning acoustics and vibration", includes video of Tacoma narrow bridge

Acoustics of Wood - Online Source for Architectural Acoustics Information

Acoustics: An Unofficial Introduction

Art Ludwig's Sound Page -technical analysis, measurements, and description of the physics of sound

Audio Bibliography

Audio Home Recording Act - models of the auditory system

Bibliography for the "IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (different)

Bibliography for the "IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing

CE European Economic Community Requirements Electronics Regulation

Chip Directory

Common Misconceptions about Hearing

Dan Russell's Homepage - lots of info on acoustics and vibrations

The development of CD

Dictionary of Home Entertainment Terms - comprehensive guide to standard audio terms

Digital Audio Directory

Digital Audio Engineering: An Anthology

Digital Audio Standards

Digital Playground - recording tips, intro material

"Digital audio breaks the sound barrier" - article that explains perceptual coding in digital audio

Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive

Engineer's Bookshelf

General Transistor Information

Hearing Damage and Loud Music

How Low Does It Go? - list of CD's containing low-frequency content

HyperPhysics - Visual directory of Phyics concepts, good acoustics info

The Internet Directory of the Car Audio Industry

The Internet Recommended Components List

Introduction to Sound Recording - online textbook with detailed information recording engineers (work in progress)

Jitter Information

Material Safety Data Sheets - a must whenever dealing with dangerous chemicals/materials

The Music & Audio Connection


Oliver Friedman - lots of good reference material of digital audio (FFT, dithering, etc), mikes, filters, other topics

Philco Radio Resource Page

Physics Demonstrations - Sound - from the University of Wisconsin, Madison

Physics and Psychophysics of Music - course notes from the Australian National University

Physics of Sound - Course notes on the theory of sound

The Physics of Sound - another way to get to Art Ludwigs homepage

Prosig Signal Processing Tutorials

Quarter Wavelength Loudspeaker Design - theory behind quarter wavelength/transmission line speakers

Room Acoustics - information source about room acoustics & theory

Samsung's CD Format Book - reference information on the CD Red Book, Yellow Book, Green Book, Orange Book and White Book standards

Search Results for Acoustics

Spatial Audio Literature

Studioguru: The pro audio resource - resource for the pro audio community, links to hundreds of web sites

Tech Central - Adire Audio's library of technical audio papers

Tom Nousaine on Stuffing - article from Car Audio Magazine

Tube Amp Theory

Tubes Versus Transistors - Is There An Audible Difference

WWW Virtual Library on Acoustics and Vibrations

Wavelet Tutorial - wavelet transform

Waves and Oscillations

Weighting Functions (A, B and C weighting)

Yahoo- Entertainment:Audio/Video Equipment


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