This directory is no longer being maintained, it is here for archival and historical reasons only.


AKS Acoustics

Acoustic Reality - Loudspeakers for the Movies - "It should sound real, now it does!"

Acoustic Solutions - hand crafted, manufactured and tested in Chelmsford, England

Acoustical Art - loudspeakers designed as art

Adire Audio - formally known as Avatar Audio, home of the Shiva subwoofer

Aerial Acoustics Official Web Site

Allison Acoustics - "our mission is to continue the fine work that Roy Allison has done"

Alon By Acarian Systems - high end Alon loudspeakers

Altec Lansing

Ambiance Acoustics

Ascada design speakers

Audax - OEM speaker driver manufacturer, official site


Audio Concepts, Inc. Speakers

Audio Spotlight - a process for creating a narrow beam of sound

Aura Systems, Inc. - now home of Linaeum dipole ribbon tweeters

B & W Loudspeakers - Official Site

Bamberg Engineering Sound Lab - high-end loudspeakers for home audio and theater

Belisle Acoustics - speakers, drivers and horns

Bohlender-Graebener Corporation - Magnetic Planar Transducers


Boston Acoustics

Brentworth - "crossoverless loudspeaker systems"


Cambridge Soundworks

Clements Loudspeakers

Diamond Audio

Digital Designs

Digital Phase Acousta-Reed Technology Speakers

Dillon Acoustics - loudspeakers, DIY loudspeaker plans

Duran Audio - manufacturers of professional self-powered loudspeaker systems and relatedĘ signal processing devices

ELAC Phonosysteme

Eggleston Speakerworks

Eminent Technology

Euro Acoustics Oy Ltd


GR Researc - speakers (assembled or kits), crossover components and accessories

Gallo Acoustics

Gradient Loudspeakers

Harbeth Acoustics

Hsu Research - sub woofers

Huff Loudspeaker Co.

Infinity Systems

JL Audio, Inc.

Jamo A/S (Spanish)

Jamo A/S

KEF Audio Official Site

Klipsch, Inc.

Krix Loudspeakers of Australia

Lambda Acoustics - provider of high quality OEM and DIY loudspeakparts including cabinets and drivers

Magnepan Speaker Page

Martin Logan

McCauley Sound WWW Headquarters

Meadowlark Audio - "time coherent, first order, transmission line loudspeakers"

Micro-Transmission Line System

Miller & Kreisel Sound Corporation

Mirage Speakers

Mordaunt-Short Ltd

Morel Acoustics USA - raw drivers, complete systems & car loudspeakers

Nearfield Acoustics - line-source speakers

Nova Loudspeakers

Now Hear This (NHT)

OWI, Inc. - Outdoor Loudspeaker Systems

Ohm Speakers

PSB Speaker Systems


Polk Audio

REL Acoustics - subwoofers

RR Audio - high resolution loudspeakers

Roister Home Page - manufacturing Studio Monitors, Hi-Fi Speakers, power amp & home theater systems

Ruark Acoustics

SV Subwoofers (SVS) - manufacturer of subwoofer, subwoofer amps, and equalizers

Sausalito Audio Works - manufacturer and licensor of wide-dispersion speaker technology

Selenium - Speaker drivers

Sennheiser Home Page - high-quality headphones

ServoDrive, Inc. - Online - "The World's most powerful subwoofers"

Shamrock Audio

SLS Loudspeakers - high efficiency speakers feature neodymium ribbons for low distortion sound

Snell Acoustics

Solid Acoustics - manufacturer of omnidirctional speakers

Stillwater Designs, aka Kicker - Mobile Audio Products

Sundholm Acoustics

System Audio on the Net - Danish loudspeaker manufacturer


Technomad Inc. Loudspeakers - Audio, PA, Mil-Spec, Music, Sound, Pro

Totem Acoustic

Tymphany - Ken Kantor's company, small, highly efficient low-frequency speakers

VISONIK - compact reference monitors

Vaessen High-End Speaker Studio - "eliptic high-end loudspeaker, cristalclear high, thunderdeep bass and a wide "picture" of sound"

Van L. Speakerworks


Vifa - speaker driver supplier

Von Schweikert Research Speakers

Westlake Audio

Wilson Audio Specialties - home of the WATT Puppy and other high-end loudspeakers

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