This directory is no longer being maintained, it is here for archival and historical reasons only.


AUTON Motorized Systems Floor Speaker Lifts

Acoustic Sciences Corporation - noise and sound control products

Audio Marginal


Auralex Acoustics, Inc.

Automotive Neon Lighting Systems - neon underbody systems, interior neon, music interfaces, and more

BDI - Contempory looking stereo racks

BassLine Speaker Panels - acoustic enhancement product for bass reflex speakers

Belloggetti - more funky-looking audio furnature

CAIG Laboratories - cleaners

Campaign Audio Design - Mailorder Hi-Fi cables (mains and interconnects)

Campaign Audio Design - supplier/manufacturer of mailorder Hi-Fi cables

Case Logic

Diamond Case Designs - Fine home theater furniture, pre-built and custom

Encase Ltd - more funky-looking audio furnature

Epic Design

It's Real Stuff - auto electronics, neon

Jenving Technology AB - Supra Cables

Kurosh $1,500.00 CD cabinet


MIT Music Interface Technology

Machina Dynamica Vibration Isolation Platforms

Monster Cable's Web Site

Nirvana Audio

Noise-Busters - room acoustical treatments for audio/video rooms

North American Capacitor Co.

Owens-Corning - Makers of acoustical fiberglass home insulation

Panamax - Ultimate Protection!

Quik Lok - Audio Speaker Support Systems

RealTraps - bass traps, acoustic treatment

Sonic Design - high end audio accessories and software for Hi-Fi loudspeakers and loudspeaker design

SoundWalls LLC - room treatment & absorption for home theater applications

WireWorld Audio

Wireworks Corporation

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