This directory is no longer being maintained, it is here for archival and historical reasons only.


AMC-Weltronics Web Page

ARX Systems - Austrailian Pro Audio Manufacturer

ATC Home Page


Aaron High End Amplifiers

Ablex Audio Video Limited




Alpine of America

American Power and Light, Inc. -"21st Century products and concepts", acoustical front projection screen/transducers, linear actuator subwoofer

Amplifier Technologies - ATI - high-power, multichannel amplifiers


Analog Devices, Inc

Antique Sound USA

Apogee Electronics

Apogee Technology, Inc.

Applied Research &Technology



Atma-Sphere(r) Music Systems - Amplifiers

Audio Control

Audio Research Corporation

Audio Research Power Amplifier

Audio Valve - tube technology

Audio by Van Alstine - custom-built audio electronics & equipment



Aurum Acoustics

Ayre Acoustics, Inc.

B.K.Electronics - high power amplifiers and speakers for, cinema p.a, disco's, hifi market

BCE Electronic Research &Development

BGW Systems Home Page

BSS Audio

Balanced Audio Technology

Bang & Olufsen

Blade Audio - home and automotive audio products

Bostwick - home and car audio products

Brown Innovations Inc. - Virtual Audio Imaging

Bryston Limited

Burr-Brown Corporation - IC's, omp-amps

California Audio Labs

Calrad Electronics


Chord Electronics

Clarion Car Audio and Beyond

Cliffhanger Audio Systems

Cocom International Limited

Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association

Counterpoint Electronic Systems


Creek by Music Hall

Crown International, Inc.


Cytech Research Amplifiers

D2Audio - amplifier modules for Home Theater systems

Delco Electronics

Denon Official Page

Densen Audio Technologies

Diamond Audio Technology, Incorporated speakers and electronics

Digi-Key Corporation Quality Electronic Components, Superior Service

Doxa Amplifiers

Dynaudio North America

ELP Laser Turntable

ESP Loudspeakers

Earthworks Audio Products

Elan Home Systems - manufacturer of distributed audio/video and home automation systems

Elantec Semiconductor, Inc.


Electrofluidics - reference-quality loudspeakers

Elliott Audio Science &Engineering

Elliott Sound Products - designs and manufacturers electrical components; site also has commentary and opinions


Fanfare Electronics, Ltd.

Fisher Audio/Video Home Page

Genesis Technologies


Gold Aero

Graham Engineering Inc.

Granite Audio - Rock Solid Music Systems - manufactures speakers, tube power amps, tube preamps, silver interconnects, speaker cables, AC power cords, and accessories



Harman Kardon

Harris Semiconductor

HeadRoom - Headphone amps+

Heco Hi-fi

Hegel Music Systems - Norwegian manufacturer of high end equipment

Hi-Fi Forum - distributor of Audio Analogue & Pathos Acoustics (electronics), Final Electrostatic & Triangle (loudspeakers)

High-End Audio Information

ILAB America - exclusively factory direct sales, luxury Home Theater and Multi-Room components



Jim Tate Stereo and Knekt site

KAB Electro-Acoustics

Kenwood Electronics Italia

Kenwood Corporation

Kenwood USA Corporation

Kora Electronic Concept


LA Audio/Digital Audio Labs

LAB. Grubben

Lavardin Technologies - audiophile amplifiers based on low memory distortion exclusive circuits

Legacy Audio

Linear Technology Corporation - IC's, DACS, etc

Linn - German Home Page

Linn HiFi

Linn Stereo Equipment

Logitek Electronic Systems, inc

Loudspeaker Metal Part - Back Plate(T-Yoke)

Lyle cartridges

MRS Multi Room Sound System

Machine Age

Madrigal Audio Laboratories



Magnepan Home Page


Manticore Audio Visual

Marantz home page

Margules Audio

Mark Levinson

Maxim Analog - Microcontroller and Communication ICs

McCurdy Radio Industries Limited

Melos Technologies, Inc.

Meridian Audio Home Page

Metaxas Audio

Michell Engineering Unofficial Page

MicroLee Technology Inc

Milbert TAmp Hybrid Tube Amplifier

Minnesota Audio Labs

Mission/Cyrus Group

Motorola Semiconductors

Myryad Systems



Naim Audio - Offical Site

Nakamichi America Corporation

New Way of Reproducing Stereo

Niles Audio Corporation - home automation & audio products

NuReality(r) - SRS 3D Sound


Out Board Electronics Ltd - Automated sound control systems for theatre

Oxmoor Corporation

Pass Labs home Page

Philips Semiconductors


Phonosophie Homepage - one of Europes most innovative high end producers, in the tradition of Naim Audio

Pioneer Electronic Corporation

Polyfusion Audio - Electronics

Power Technology DSP-FX system

Quicksilver Audio

Quicksilver KT88 Mono Amplifier

REhrenverstÄRkerr Tube Amplifiers

RJ Sound Craft

Radio Design Labs

Revox - In concert at home

Richmond Sound Design Analog Products

Rockford Fosgate Corporation

SES SA. Stereolith (r) Switzerland single box stereophonic hi-fi speaker system

SJS Electroacoustics - Valve Amps &more

SAS Audio Labs - Tube amplifiers, preamplifiers

SAS Bazooka Home Page

Scientific Advanced Technologies

Seck Audio - German, tube ampliers, parts

Seven Woods Audio, Inc. - designs products and circuits used in audio applications

Shure Brothers Incorporated

Siemens AG

Signature Technologies Inc. - Tube Electronics &Speakers

Solen Electronics

Sonic Frontiers


Sony - AV Electronics

Sony Computer Audio and Video

Sony On-line Car Audio Page

Sound Devices - mixers and audio recording equipment


Stage Accompany

Stones Sound Studio - Australia, specialising in custom design for hobyists using the latest software and hardware

Sumo Audio Products - audio FAQ's and tech notes



Symfonia - "Australia best High End electronics manufacturer"

TACT Audio - "digital room correction"

TC Electronics

TRANSCO Magnetics

Theta Digital Corp.

Toshiba DVD optical Disc

Ultrak, Inc. - Manufacturer of Commercial Audio Equipment including CD Players, mixers, amps, mikes, Speakers, digital dixing and zoning products

Unofficial Rockford Site

Unofficial Xtant site

Vacuum Tube Logic

Valve Amplification Company (VAC)


Wadia Digital Corporation

Wavelength Audio

Weiss Engineering Ltd. - professional digital audio equipment for mastering studios

Wizzard Amplification

Wolcott Audio, Inc.

Yamaha Home Audio

Z-Man Corporation - Audio Signal Enhancer

Zapco Mobile Audio Amplification

dbx Professional Products

quadral - The Sound Company

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