This directory is no longer being maintained, it is here for archival and historical reasons only.


AV Science - home theater information

AVIA Home Theater Search Engine - created as a general resource in acoustics


Analogue Heaven

Antique Radio Resource Page

Antique Radio Page

Antique Radio Classified

ArtLink BBS source for info on bands, recording, music, & the arts (Telnet)

Audio Autographs - Custom multimedia web design with real-time steaming media.

The Audio Guys - "We answer audio recording questions for free and much more"

The Audio Page - Roy Viggo Pederson

Audio Revolution - reviews of high end audio and video equipment

Audio Survey v

Audio shopper - Moderately priced used audio gear

Audio/Visual Technology - Insights into audio and visual technology - discussion and help regarding digital audio editing/music creation. "Many Forums, many Topics" - based in the Netherlands, lots of good links


AudioWeb - "The Audio Equipment Authority," sales, articles and reviews - Steve Ekblad's Home Page - Audio Consulting and more

Audioholics - "Pursuing the Truth in Audio"

Audiolit - Ferman forum for hifi and highend

Audiophile Asylum

Audition Audio-Serious Audio - used/demo page w Audio/Video gear, pictures of high-end installs

Boatanchors WWW Page

The Cinema Source Home Theater Resource Site

Classic Antique Radios and Televisions

Classic Plastic Antique Radios

Classic Radio Gallery

Classical Net - produced by engineer David Lampson, opinions about record and about disc vendors

Crosley Radio Collector

Cycle-pedia - "Stuff for Sound Engineers and Enthusiasts"

Dick Olsher's Audio Mecca

Digital Theater

ePanorama - Audio and Hifi page

Echo Audio - Used High End Audio

eCoustics - consumer electronics product reviews, buying guides, and more

Flipside Audio/Video Extravaganza

Head-Fi - discussions, articles about audio headphones, headphone measurements

HeadWize - "A Resource Site for Headphones and Headphone Listening"

High Definition Compatible Digital(HDCD) - overview of HDCD, hardware, recordings

Home Theater Net

Homerecording WebSite (

Kevin's Vacuum Tube Audio Web Page - Home theater articles and information, DVD reviews


Museum of Radio and Technology

Old Time Radio Page

The PC AV Tech - computer audio hardware information

The Parts Connection

The PC AV Tech - sound card measurements (dated)

Ron Pellegrino and The Electronic Arts of Sound and Light - articles on music, electronics, and even noise and noise control

Performance Records Audio

Planet Hifi

Proaudiosearch - "searchable" pro audio internet directory. client can quickly locate your company by your services, equipment, or physical location"

Quad World info about vintage Quad equipment - info on archiving material on mp3's


Remote Central - the "ultimate" online source for remote controls

San Francisco Audio Network's WWW Server

Scientific Museum Of Modern Recording

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity on the Web

Sonic Implants - Downloadable sounds, for webmasters, musicians, composers, gamers, MIDI file enthusiasts

Sound Professionals

Surround Spectacular: The Ultimate Demo and Test Collection

THX Frequency Response Curves

Vintage Amp Repair - specialize in repairing Threshold and Forte equipment

Wired@Home Audio, Video & Entertainment SuperSite - Audio, Home Theater Product Reviews, Articles, News and tons of links

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