This directory is no longer being maintained, it is here for archival and historical reasons only.


100W RMS Amplifier

AC-3 modification mirror

AIRR - Response measurement program

Phil Abbate's web site - Articles from Speaker Builder magazine, DIY, recording information

Active Crossover Kit for DIY Speaker Builders - lots of info a DIY active crossovers, including some theory, recommended

Ampslab - Power Amplifier Kits

Anderson International Trading - wood

Aspen Amplifiers - DIY power amplifier kits

Audax Industries - speaker drivers, French

Audio Amateur Corporation ( - books, kits

Audio Box Design - speaker systems and crossover networks for the DIYer, stock/custom designs, consulting

Audio Electronic Supply - Tube Amplifier Kits

Audio Lab Loudspeaker Plans

Audio Wiki Web - community for people who explore (DIY) audio projects - "news, information and designs from and for the do-it-yourself audio community"

BassLine SpeakerPanels - Cabinet Wall Liner Replacement

Big Machine Covers - Noise Abatement For Pro Recorders

Bill McFadden's Homepage

Bocchino Audio - binding post & other electrical components

The Box Shop

Circuit Cookbook Archive- U Alberta Electrical Engineering FTP Service

Claudio Bonavolta DIY Page - tube electronics, schematics, loudspeakers

Claus HB Sorensen DIY Page - Scandinavian DIY site

Construcción de cajas acústicas - Spanish

Curcio Audio Engineering- Vacuum Tube Audio Kits for the DIY'er

DIY Dolby Digital (AC-3) LD Player Mod Page

DIY Loudspeaker Driver Selection Guide - aka the LDSG, extensive resource of recommended drivers, a must-read for any DIY'er

DIY Loudspeaker Projects By Bill Eckle - lots of great projects, recommended

DIY Loudspeakers Home Page - home of the DIY speakers mailing list -not the same as DIY Loudspeakers Home Page, lots of good info including discussion forums

Dave Platt's (Speaker Project & Equipment Mod)

Dillon Acoustics - loudspeakers, DIY loudspeaker plans - Speaker kits, drivers, and plans, by Andre Perreault

Elliott Sound Products- products and articles for audio DIY'ers (PCB's, mike pre-amps, more)

Eric Wallin's Web Site - Radio Shack sound level meter modifications & and many other useful tidbits

Esoteric Radio- Capacitors, transformers and other electrical components

Forte Acoustics- Loudspeaker kits

High Performance Subwoofer - Horn Loaded

Home Theater Speaker Project - DIY project w/ pictures, CAD plans, component spec sheets, and cost breakdown

Human Speakers & DIY Speaker Repair for EPI and Genesis Physics

Java Speaker Design Applet

Kent Jens - DIY amplifier design

L C Audio Technology Inc. - Power Amplifier Kits

Lambda Acoustics - provider of high quality OEM and DIY loudspeakparts including cabinets and drivers

Layne Audio - Supplier of replacement OEM Drivers, including NHT

Leach Amp Plans

Linear Technology Corporation

List of Low Frequency Loudspeaker Drivers

The Loudspeaker Kit - loudspeaker kits

Louis Lung's Speaker Related Projects - woodworking tips, speaker design

MDF FAQ - For DIY'ers, speaker box material

Madisound - well respected supplier of DIY audio components

Magnush Speaker Project

Martindale's 'The Reference Desk: Calculators On-Line'- various online calculators

Matt's DIY page

Maxim Analog - Microcontroller and Communication ICs

Michael Percy Audio - electronic parts for audio hobbyists and manufacturers of high-end audio gear

Mike LaLena's DIY Audio

Notes on loudspeaker stuffing - emails by Ken Kantor and Doug Purl

Old Colony Sound

Opamp Technical Books

Orange County Speaker - speaker repair, reconing, replacement parts, CA

Parts Express - supplier of DIY audio components

Pat's Home Page: The Great Electrostatic Speaker/ Project

Per-Anders Sjostrom's hifi pages - lots of DIY projects including DAC, phono amps, and speakers

PhilsAudio - kits, info on stuffing w/ before & after meas and optimizations

Power Surge

Quarter Wavelength Loudspeaker Design - theory behind quarter wavelength/transmission line speakers

Radio Shack Index of Speakers - list of parts

Raymond van Weeghel's DIY audio pages - information on completed DIY audio projects

Record Crate DIY Audio pages

Scott's Loudspeaker Design Page - motional feedback subwoofer project

Selah Audio - speaker kits

Solen Kits Unlimited

Soprema - damping material

The Sound Clearing House - kits, parts

Speaker Building Net Webring

Speaker Building Net - Webring

Speaker Building Page - Roy Viggo Pedersen

Speaker City U.S.A.

Speaker Design Calculator - online calculator for boxes, crossovers, room acoustics

Speaker Workshop - site devoted to creating loudspeakers, free measurement & design software

Sub-Optimal Audio - Chad Kirby's "Adventures in Speaker Building"

The Subwoofer DIY Page v1.1 - by Brian Steele, recommended for DIY'ers!

The Thiele-Small Loudspeaker Database - loudspeaker driver data resource, 1700 drivers and growing

Transmission Line Speakers - info, links on transmission line speaker projects

US Enclosures - Free upload library of sweep tones, etc for DIY'ers, spherical loudspeaker enclosures for DIY market

Welborne Labs - Tube and Solid State

Wood Veneer: Table of Contents

Woodworking Tips

X-Max Loudspeakers - line array speaker kits

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