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Acoustic Associates, Ltd - consulting firm specializing in acoustics, sound assessment, noise control, hearing conservation, and audiology; Palatine IL

Acoustic Dimensions

Acoustic Expertise - "All we do is sound" Villa Park IL

Acoustic Visions - Home Theater Installation, Calibration & Sales

Acoustical Design Collaborative, Ltd - Baltimore, MD

Acoustilog Inc - New York City

American Technology Corporation- develops and licenses sound reproduction technologies and electronic products

Andrew S. Harris, Inc. - aviation noise consulting, Massachusetts

Applied Acoustic Design - Consultants in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration based near Heathrow (UK)

Arpeggio, LLC - Atlanta, Georgia

Artec Consultants Inc - New York City

ATS Consulting - transportation noise consulting, Los Angeles, California

Audio Consultants

Audio One - studio design, home theater installation, FL, CA, MA, TN

Audio Systems Group, Inc. - audio, video, and acoustic design services for churches, synagogues, performance spaces, stadiums, arenas, studios, and business presentation facilities, Chicago, IL

Audio Visions - Custom Home Theater, New England

audio elite - Custom home theater, New Hampshire

Audio/Video Designs - Audio, Video and Acoustics design consultants

Austin Stereo Service

Automation Design & Engineering

Bolt Bernaek and Newman: Solving Noise and Vibrations Problems

C. M. Salter Assoc. Acoustical & Audio/Visual Consultants -Acoustical consultants in San Francisco since 1975

Camets Services - Acoustical & Vibration Consulting Engineers

Campanella Associates - Acoustics Consultants - founder of nntp://alt.sci.physics.acoustics

Cavanaugh Tocci Associates - architectural acoustics, environmental noise, vibration analysis, and sound amplification design

Colin Gordon & Associates - provides consulting services in acoustics, noise and vibration control

Curcio Audio Engineering

DLC Design - Wixom, Michigan

David Coate Consulting - Pembroke, MA

David L. Adams Associates - - provides acoustical and noise control consulting and design, theatre consulting

Delta Acoustics & Vibration Consulting - Danish

Dick Campbell's Home Page - audio, acoustics, mastering, recording

Digital Theater Systems

Dolby Official Web Site

Engineering Acoustics - engineering design services, consulting, and hardware development

Fermata Audio + Acoustics - acoustics consulting, and music production and engineering services

Francis Manzella Design, Ltd. - acoustic consulting and studio design firm specializing in the design of critical listening environments and performance spaces.

GedLee LLC - small consulting in loudspeakers, Home Theatre, Acoustics and Noise Control, and Sound Quality

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. - transportation related noise & vibration control

Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) - The ISVR is invloved in teaching, research and consultancy in sound and vibration.

Joiner Consulting Group

Keith Yates Design Group - home theater and listening room acoustic design

Landmark Sound Labs - Electro-acoustic design and test services, product development, audio consulting

Leonhard Research - developer of innovative speech processing technologies

Linear-X - Home to LEAP, LMS, PcRta, Pac3, PcRtaJr

Lucasfilm THX home page

Marotta Electronics Expert Stereo Repair

Media Dimensions - Dania, FL

Metropolitan Acoustics - Philadelphia, PA

Metropolitan Acoustics - Philadelphia, PA

Michael Green Designs - specialize in Studio, Concert Hall and Theatre Acoustical Design

Michael Minor & Associates - Portland, Or, environmental noise and vibration consulting

Micro Connection - Fullerton, CA

Miller Henning Associates - consultants in acoustics, vibration, and audiovisual system design, McLean, VA

Jon W. Mooney Acoustic Consultant - consultant in architectural acoustics

Moulton Laboratories - David Moulton's company, consulting in recording and audio

National Council of Acoustical Consultants

NCT - a company that specializes in active-noise cancellation technologies

Nelson Acoustical Engineering - noise & vibration control, product sound quality, Elgin Texas

Ocean Acoustical Services and Instrumentation Systems (OASIS), Inc. - Lexington, MA

Olson Sound Design - consultation in sound system design, combined audio & video production/presentation system design, Brooklyn Park, MN

Opamp Labs Inc

Orange County Speaker Inc.

Orfield Labs - home of the quietest anechoic chamber in the world, Minneapolis, MN

Oshex Associates - industrial noise control products and services

Ostergaard Acoustical Associates - consultants in architectural acoustics, environmental & industrial noise control, more

Pacific Supply & Trading Co.

Panther Studios

Parsons Audio

Quest Engineering Solutions - specializing in test services and related consulting services, Billerica MA

RH Lyon Corp - quiet product deisgn, vibration quality

Russ Berger Design Group - design and consulting firm, specializing in studio design, production, media and entertainment facilities

Sanchez Industrial Design (SID) - noise and vibration consulting firm, Madison, WI

SDS Labs

Senzig Engineering - Senzig Engineering provides aviation noise reduction services

Seven Woods Audio/Christopher Moore, Consultant - audio electronic product development for professional, broadcast, and consumer applications

SH! Acoustics - custom high-end home theaters

Shock & Vibration Tutorials Homepage - consulting & educational services

Siebein Associates, Inc. - Architectural & Environmental Acoustics, Gainesville, Florida

Signal Separation Technologies - "Multi-channel Active Control of Noise and Vibration"

Simply Speakers - repairs, recones, refoams all brands of loudspeakers

Sound Consultant

Sound Engineering Services - David A. Collings, Trumbull, CT

SRS 3D Sound

Stewart Acoustical Consultants - Noral D. Stewart is a frequent contributer to alt.sci.physics.acoustics

Tech Environmental - Waltham, MA

Theer and Associates - Acoustic Consultants - Specializing in architectural acoustics, with an emphasis on electro-acoustics

TMH Corporation - Tomlison Holman's (creater of THX) company

Tony Frossard Sound Designer - Specialist in multi-language post dubbing

Tony Woolk Acoustics - specializing in studio and control room design, and hearing protection, online noise calculator (UK)

Veneklasen Associates - Santa Monica, CA

Vintage Amp Repair - specialize in repairing Threshold and Forte equipment

Walters/Storyk Design Group

Wilson Home Theater Systems

Wilson Ihrig & Associaties - WIA provides services for measurement, analysis, and control of noise

Wlye Labs Acoustics Group - aviation noise & vibration services

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