This directory is no longer being maintained, it is here for archival and historical reasons only.


Acoustic Page at Auburn University

Acoustics Group, Norwegian Institute of Technology

Audio Lab Loudspeaker Plans

Audio Research Group, University of Waterloo

Auditory home page

CCRMA World Wide Web server - Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

Center for Acoustics and Vibration at Penn State

Conservatory of Recording Arts in Tempe Az.

Department of Recording Industry - Middle Tennessee State University

HRTF Measurements of a KEMAR Dummy-Head Microphone - head-related transfer function, MIT Media Lb

Helsinki University of Technology, Acoustics Laboratory

Institut fur Elektronik - Electronics Laboratory

James Boyk, Director of the Music Lab, California Institute of Technology

Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Laboratory of Seismics and Acoustics

Lappenranta University of Technology

MIT Acoustics and Vibrations Lab

Music Books Plus

Newton & Accelerometers on Coasters

Osaka University

Peabody Inst. of JHU Recording Arts MA in Audio Acoustics

Pennsylvania State University Acoustics Department Homepage

Purdue University Acoustics and noise control research

RITOP Mobile Electronics Installation School

Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center - noise enforcement training, noise ordinance assistance

SAE Technology College

SF Audio Net

ShATR database - Sheffield-ATR multiple-simultaneous speaker database

Sound and Media Lab at MIT

Sounddesign Info-Site at Technical University Vienna

Underwater acoustics and medical ultrasonics - University of Bath

University of Central Florida Community Noise Laboratory - "research related to community noise and/or transportation noise"

University of Groningen

University of Hartford Acoustics

University of Salford School of Acoustics and Electronic Engineering

University of Southampton Institute of Sound and Vibration Research

WHOI Ocean Acoustics Lab Home Page

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