The subwoofer pieces assembled before glueing:

front of sub box under construction rear of sub box under construction

I was actually surprised that the pieces fit so snuggly. I had expected that at least one of my cuts would be off, or not be square. I guess those shop classes at MIT paid off after all.

As you may have noticed, I cut all the holes prior to assembling the enclosure, contrary to the belief that you should assemble first, then cut the holes. My reasoning was that I didn't want to spend the time glueing the pieces, then mess up when I was cutting the holes. Cutting the holes first also allowed me to position the pieces when I was glueing them.

I can't stress enough how the wood dowels helped in assemblin the enclosure. I would strongly recommend that anyone who builds speakers use dowels or biscuits both for strength, and to aid in lining the pieces up.

The finished product:

Finished subwoofer
Finished subwoofer
Finished subwoofer
rear of finished subwoofer

This sucker is heavy. Easily 90-100 lbs, and takes two people to move. The smooth finish doesn't help, but the inset rear panel at least gives one something to hold on to.

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