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May 19, 2010

The Washington Post describes methods to “dampen traffic noise on your property:”

Begin with a barrier on your property. The most important guideline is that the fence or wall must have no openings. A continuous mound of soil eight to 10 feet high would serve the purpose. It would have to extend as far as possible to diffuse the noise. Any opening in walls, fences or soil barriers will let sound seep through.

Well, at least I’m not banging my head against my desk as I normally do when I read similar advice columns. The important part is to remember that your barrier material needs to be heavy (the column discussing fencing, but understand that vinyl privacy fencing is not heavy enough to block noise), and it needs to completely block the line-of-sight to the noise source to be effective.

About using plantings and foliage to block noise, it won’t work so don’t bother wasting your money (unless you’re doing it for aesthetics reasons).

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