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Last Update: December 30, 2002

  What started out as a rant has developed into an interesting thread on alt.sci.physics.acoustics regarding residential development around airports, thanks to an insightful comment by Angelo Campanella.

December 24, 2002

Much like everyone else in the U.S., I saw LOTR: The Two Towers over the weekend. Overall it's a very good movie, but I was disspointed in a couple of aspects (spoiler warning):

  1. All of the changes from the Book (Arwen, Pippen and Perry tricking the Ents, and so on) were, IMHO, for the worse.
  2. The movies have the same problem as the book - there's really no progress. At the beginning of the movie, Aragorn et al are on their adventure, and Frodo is on his quest. At the end of the movie, Aragorn et al are on their adventure, and Frodo is on his quest.
  3. I was disappointed in Gollum. Oh, as a CGI character he was very well done, but all of the reviews prior to the movie basically described Gollum as a breakthrough CGI character. I respectfully disagree. Gollum was very well done, but I don't think it was significantly better than, say, CGI Yoda.

But despite these qualms, it was definitely a very good movie. The Battle of Helm's Deep alone is worth the price of admission.

In other news: a Taiwanese company is developing a PC sound card baed on Vacuum Tubes.

December 18, 2002

Here is a link to FHWA's notes on Highway Traffic Noise. This particular document was written by the Center for Transportation Training and Research (CTTR) at Texas Southern University.

The memorial service for Professor Leehey was brought back a lot of memories. I got to see a lot of familar faces like Professor Vandiver and Professor Crandall, and things seem to be going well. The only disturbing news is that is seems MIT (specifically the Mechanical Engineering Department) doesn't see acoustics as “sexy” compared with areas such as robotics, so no effort is being made to promote vibroacoustic research. Sad.

December 17, 2002

I'm attending a memorial service at the MIT Chapel for Professer Patrick Leehey. Professer Leehey was my undergrad Thesis Advisor and he's pretty much the man who really got me into acoustics.

When I was a junior, I was looking for an acoustics-related research position in the Mechanical Engineering Depeartment in the hopes that I could convert the research into a thesis topic (as well as make a little money). Professor Leehey not only gave me a chance to participate in his research, he always acted as though I was doing him a favor! And to top it all, when I was looking for a job after I graduated, he was kind enough to point me towards a company founded by one of his former students.

I find that I use many of the principles he taught me nearly every day. I miss him.

December 15, 2002

I have a roommate who believes that a career is something that you do to pay the bills, and you use your hobbys as a way to have fun. I on the other hand have always believed that not only should you be having fun in your career, it's absolutely necessary if you strive to be good at your job.

This belief is being but to the test...

In other news:

  • has a Primer for Acoustic Measurements. It's pretty basic, but it's definitely a good read for novices. (link coutesy of the DIYSPEAKERS mailing list

  • Here is an (somewhat old)article that describes a treatement for tinnitus. Since I suffer from Meniere's Disease I for one hope this becomes a workable solution.

  • Here is an article from the Bedford (Mass.) Minuteman that describes some issues with FAA's Integrted Noise Model. Also billed as “Mary Ellen Eagan vs. Sandy Fidel I”.

  • A paper (PDF) given by Ralph D. Brillhart of ATA Engineering Inc. describing the use of computational tools to automate measurements and workflow. You know, between this paper and of the XML stuff going on lately, ya gotta believe there's a business plan in this somewhere.

  • After 15 years of planning, the MBTA Greenbush project is starting to become a realty. I'm glad to see it coming. I only hope it doesn't wind up in court someday.

November 20, 2002

Well, well, it looks like good ole' Microsoft is about to jump into the XML with both feet. It may be time to resurrect the acoustic XML effort.

October 16, 2002

Working for HMMH, I've had the opportunity to travel to 26 states, 1 territory, and 2 countries. I'm currently in Houston . I've had the opporunity to eat at Brennan's on Smith St, where I have had the best meal of my life. No exaggeration. I highly recommend the Warm Spinach Salad. (note that Brennan's is one of those really fancy places where they want you to wear a jacket in the main dining room... well, it was a first for me!)

October 7, 2002

Interesting discussion on the DIY Speakers mailing list about Speaker/Room interactions (see the thread titles "Speaker-Room interaction view"). Lots on interesting reading & links including:

Also check out Louis Lung's DIY CD-ROM player, FM tuner and Sound Processor
May 2, 2002

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Star Wars fan. Keeping in mind that I liked Phantom Menance I'll say that I really like Attack of the Clones.

The Boston Globe ran an article a while back that said, in effect, that Episode II should have shown Anakin doing small things that forshadowed his turn to the darkside. IMHO, showing a bully becoming a bad guy is not interesting from a storytelling perspective. Showing a bully becomeing a good guy (I know of several such real life stories) is interesting. The flipside (Lucas' story) of showing a boy who is earnestly trying to do the right thing, and later falls victom to the Dark Side, that's interesting. Particulary when you condiser that love (for his mother & Padme) is likely to be his undoing.

Just tell the story George, some of us are smart enough to keep up.

I'm in Pittsburgh, PA for the APTA Track, Noise & Vibration subcommittee meeting.

April 29, 2002

When I first started at HMMH, one of my first projects was analyzing construction noise. I spent a lot of time around the World Trade Center, and I still find it hard to believe that the twin towers are gone.

Once again I find myself spending a lot of time in New York. In late March, I had the chance to see the WTC memorial. I took some pictures, available on my page.

April 28, 2002

I had the opportunity to travel to Lathen Germany to perform vibration testing on the Transrapid TR08 Maglev vehicle. I'll get around to posting more information about the trip, but in the meanwhile, the preliminary report is available(PDF) via the Volpe Center.

April 5, 2002
Turns out a lot of stuff goes on when you don't bother to update your webapge for over a year.
  • First off: I am going to discontinue the directory of audio/acoustics related websites. I've been cultivating this for 8 years now, but with the advent of search engines like Google, and my hectic schedule, there is really no point to trying to keep up with the proliferation of audio web sites.
  • I enrolled in the Universityy of Salfords part-time Msc in Audio/Acoustics Program last fall. With any luck, I should have a Master's Degree in 3½ years from now or less).
  • I finally got around to installing a Shiva in my '98 Passat sedan. I'll get around to posting some pics someday.


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